Do I need to get my patient to your facility?
Yes, you are requested to bring your patient along for evaluation and assessment for proper measurements and fitment. For made to order products, trial and final fitting is required on the patient. Without patient, it becomes difficult for us to give you the best services.

How much it costs?
The cost can be varying depending upon the type of product, size and quality. The readymade products can be bought for a fixed cost but not the made to order as the requirement of every patient varies.

Do you give home visits?
Yes, we do give home visits to patients who are not able to come to our facilities. But then the charges for visits are charged according to the area. Normally we suggest only bedridden and patients in the dire need to avail of these services. For patients visiting our facility can be given extra attention, prompt and quick service.

What is the delivery period?
Readymade products are given immediately but the made to order products take 1-15 days period depending upon type of appliance and number of orders in process.

Do you accept credit cards and cheques?
Yes. But the cash is preferred. For cheques, only after realization the order is processed.

What is the guarantee/warranty of the products?
We give guarantee/warranty on readymade products as per the specified company's policy. For made to order products we give full guarantee but not for wear and tear.

Do I need to go to back to the prescribing doctor after the fitment at your place?
Yes. It is always better if you go back to the prescribing doctor for his/her approval.

Do I need to come to you with doctor's prescription?
Yes. It is always better. If you know your problem and requirement then we can help you in choosing the correct product.